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Read & Marvel veröffentlicht Reviews zu neusten Ausgaben lesenswerter Magazine, denn Slow Media braucht eine Plattform. Wir machen auf unbekannte Publikationen aufmerksam, legen unseren Lesern bestimmte Beiträge ans Herz, entscheiden uns für Magazine nach persönlicher Selektion. Dabei zählt weniger die Geschwindigkeit, als vielmehr die Gelegenheit, einen Mehrwert zu schaffen.

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Cereal | Issue 13 – Shop now!
19.03.2017 17:46
Out now: We have some great news to announce! Read & Marvel now offers an online shop to get your favourite magazine fast and easy delivered to your doorstep. Now in stock: The brand new Issue 13 of Cereal Magazine – Shop now!                                ... Der Beitrag Cereal | Issue 13 – Shop now! erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
c-heads | Issue 34 – Special Edition
08.03.2017 23:00
Hold tight – this could be a wild ride: Issue 34 of c-heads magazine is out now! We couldn’t be more excited about this special, limited edition of the independent magazine about photography, fashion, music, travel, sex, art and culture. The focus of c-heads is on very raw, natural work with characteristic models, artistic fashion, and a... Der Beitrag c-heads | Issue 34 – Special Edition erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
Shot of Joy | Issue 2
25.02.2017 22:38
Shot of Joy Issue 2 is all about the theme „Let’s get personal“. The editors felt a deep and sincere longing for realness. Real, meaningful contact is a necessity. Surrounding yourself with real, individual people is a necessity. We couldn’t agree more – Shot of Joy longs to get to the bottom of things, dives deeper and... Der Beitrag Shot of Joy | Issue 2 erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
ACUTE Magazine | Issue 1
15.01.2017 21:36
Acute magazine is a print publication which carries the title „Natural Desires“. What else to say? „A summer diary for the delicate dreamer. Full of Nostalgia & strange love.“ Theres’s not much text in this magazine, but a lot of beautiful women at stunning places. Therefore we forego much words as well and provide you with some... Der Beitrag ACUTE Magazine | Issue 1 erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
Cereal Magazine | Issue 11
20.11.2016 19:31
It’s definitely quite hard to find a magazine which stands out like Cereal. The minimalistic and sophisticated appearance of the travel and style magazine is unique and allows the reader to slow down immediately. Find out more about Volume 11, which takes us to Tokyo, Seattle and Vienna. Published twice a year, Cereal is divided into city-specific... Der Beitrag Cereal Magazine | Issue 11 erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
The Great Discontent | Issue 4
30.09.2016 23:03
The Great Discontent – Simply one of the greatest independent magazines I know. Read more about the 4th issue. The Great Discontent is a magazine featuring inspiring, in-depth conversations with artists, makers and risk-takers. Focusing on beginnings and creativity, TGD provides a look into the lives of its subjects via long-form interviews and short features. Beyond that,... Der Beitrag The Great Discontent | Issue 4 erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
Brownbook | Issue 56
27.08.2016 17:07
Brownbook is a bimonthly magazine that acts as an urban guide to the Middle East and North Africa. The magazine mainly focuses on three genres: Interviews, architecture and cities. Issue 56 contains 244 pages of great editorial work and stunning pictures. Every issue comes with a map of the regions which are relevant for the current edition. The... Der Beitrag Brownbook | Issue 56 erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
Summer Break
15.07.2016 00:13
.. till mid-August! Time to read new magazines and collect inspiration ? Stay tuned – there will be a lot of cool stuff here soon Der Beitrag Summer Break erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
Tapas Magazine | Issue 7
06.07.2016 18:52
Hungry? Tapas Magazine serves you well. Read more about this independent magazine regarding food, culinary art and lifestyle. Tapas is released in it’s 7th issue and knows how to present food in a playful way. This becomes visible by the great photo series with artist Rossy de Palma (who is on the cover as well) or... Der Beitrag Tapas Magazine | Issue 7 erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
The Weekender | Issue 21
25.06.2016 22:52
The 21th issue of The Weekender is published this summer – as always, partly in german, partly in english. The magazine features different people in different cities to share their stories. German: The Weekender, das Magazin für Einblicke und Ausflüge, erscheint diesen Sommer in seiner 21. Ausgabe und legt einen besonderen Fokus auf Amsterdam. Wie immer enthält... Der Beitrag The Weekender | Issue 21 erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
Suitcase | Issue 14
08.05.2016 01:04
I have to admit, a nice cover can cause a purchase decision. Suitcase is one of my favourite magazines with very special photo series and a strong sense for design. But see yourself. Suitcase is connecting travel and fashion and therefore achieves an unique characteristic effortlessly. The current issue is called „The Art Issue“, containing articles like „The... Der Beitrag Suitcase | Issue 14 erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
Men in this town | Issue 03
05.05.2016 20:37
Men in this Town – MITT – is a small but nice magazine which is mainly addressed to a male readership. But the interviews and fashion insights are inspiring for women as well. MITT is an australian magazine released in it’s third issue. Other than traditional men’s magazines, which are mostly focus on high-priced prestige objects, MITT is... Der Beitrag Men in this town | Issue 03 erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
Sherin Khankan in Fräulein | Issue 2/16
30.04.2016 21:09
This time I want to recommend a special article to you: The interview with Sherin Khankan, one of the first female imams in Denmark. Read it in Fräulein Magazine No 2/16 (written in German). German: Diesmal möchte ich euch einen ganz bestimmten Artikel ans Herz legen: Das Interview mit Sherin Khankan, eine der ersten weiblichen... Der Beitrag Sherin Khankan in Fräulein | Issue 2/16 erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
Boat Magazine | Issue 10
11.03.2016 21:15
„Boat magazine is a nomadic travel and culture publication that focuses on a different, inspiring city for each issue“.  This time, the journey goes to Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv – called „the Bubble“ – is the anomaly of a city which seems to be open-minded and impartial, compared to the majority of the Middle East. The most... Der Beitrag Boat Magazine | Issue 10 erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
GUP magazine | Issue 46
06.01.2016 22:09
GUP (Guide to Unique Photography) is released in it’s 46th issue and follows up the theme ‚community‘: “Paradoxically, in modern life, our communities have grown so large, both in physical terms as cities expand into megalopolises and in digital terms as online groups form based on common interests, that we may each belong to many... Der Beitrag GUP magazine | Issue 46 erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
Noveaux | Issue 3 (Review in german)
05.01.2016 21:27
Wie heißt es so schön? Content ist und bleibt King. Noveaux bietet herausragenden Content und somit einen echten Mehrwert – sei es anhand neuer Denkanstöße, besonderer Fotostrecken oder nützlicher Alltagstipps. Vegane Modeshops, vegane Events, vegane Produktempfehlungen von der Bettwäsche bis zur Duftkerze: Alternativen sind möglich. Doch woraus besteht so ein Bio-Tank-Top eigentlich? Das Mode- und Lifestylemagazin klärt... Der Beitrag Noveaux | Issue 3 (Review in german) erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
Riposte | Issue 3 (Review in german)
02.01.2016 22:41
Riposte bedeutet so viel wie „Entgegnung“ oder „Konter”: Ein sicherlich gewollt feministischer Seitenhieb, den die Macherinnen in jeder Ausgabe mit fünf Ideen, vier Meetings, drei Features, zwei Essays und der Beschreibung einer Ikone umsetzen – allesamt Frauen, versteht sich. Dass sich dazwischen dann doch mal ein Beitrag über einen Mann befindet, macht das Magazin umso sympathischer.... Der Beitrag Riposte | Issue 3 (Review in german) erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.
Good to see you! Welcome at Read & Marvel
01.01.2016 22:42
Sometimes, all you need to release new ideas is a bit of inspiration – a great magazine can help in any case. Read & Marvel is a blog for print-lovers and creatives by presenting media publications apart from mainstream. Everything is developing. Further. And that’s a good thing, as long as the balance between speed and... Der Beitrag Good to see you! Welcome at Read & Marvel erschien zuerst auf Sense Select.

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