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Spielekracher - Kostenlos spielen ohne Anmeldung !

Online Spiele & Movie Fans aufgepasst ! Jetzt kostenlos und ohne Anmeldung Zocken und Movies schauen.

Betreiber-URL: http://spielekracher.com
RSS-Feed-URL: http://spielekracher.com/?feed=rss2
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Issue with Chrome
27.08.2017 20:35
I found a issue with the thumb rotation with the chrome Browser. Normaly we had a set of thumbs for the rotation like this: http://milf-tube.biz/bilder/Nina-mag-es-schwarz.jpg http://milf-tube.biz/bilder/Nina-mag-es-schwarz-1.jpg http://milf-tube.biz/bilder/Nina-mag-es-schwarz-2.jpg http://milf-tube.biz/bilder/Nina-mag-es-schwarz-3.jpg http://milf-tube.biz/bilder/Nina-mag-es-schwarz-4.jpg http://milf-tube.biz/bilder/Nina-mag-es-schwarz-5.jpg http://milf-tube.biz/bilder/Nina-mag-es-schwarz-6.jpg http://milf-tube.biz/bilder/Nina-mag-es-schwarz-7.jpg http://milf-tube.biz/bilder/Nina-mag-es-schwarz-8.jpg http://milf-tube.biz/bilder/Nina-mag-es-schwarz-9.jpg http://milf-tube.biz/bilder/Nina-mag-es-schwarz-0.jpg In that case the rotation in chrome works well. But we also have a lot of old Videoposts without http://domain.com/bilder/thumbname-0.jpg […]
Adjustment of a Regex for Redtube embeds
23.08.2017 12:01
We need a Regex to transform an old embed code. We already had one but because of a change from phpmyadmin the regex dont work anymore. Here you can see the old embed code and how we ajust / transform him:   This is the embed Code: <object height=“480″width=“650″><param name=“allowfullscreen“ value=“true“><param name=“AllowScriptAccess“ value=“always“><param name=“movie“ value=“http://embed.redtube.com/player/“><param […]
Adjustment of a regex
23.08.2017 11:29
For Xhamster we use a Regex to filter out Videos with a Duration less than 10 minutes. ^.*[|][0-9]m[0-9]+s[|]$ Take a look to this video: Here is a example file if needed: example_duration_xhamster   Now we need a regex to filter out Videos with a higher Duration as an an example 15min. Something like that: ^.*[|][0-15]m[0-9]+s[|]$
Kenplayer – Responsive – Updated Version
02.08.2017 16:34
First: Your changes to display all xhamster videos work well and the additional function with all resolutions is great. Now i need help with the with a display bug on mobile. If you click on the fullscreen mode the video is not agusted in full width. Testsite was: http://blowjobvideos.biz/naiome-mae-erwischt-beim-stehlen-jetzt-folgt-die-sex-bestrafung-beim-hardcore-sex/ In the horizontal mobile version the […]
Theme fix or Update
04.08.2017 11:27
Problem: The version of the theme we use dont work fine with an updated version of the Visual Composer Plugin. The problem here is that if i edit the frontpage with visual composer that the dropdown field for the icons dont work, and if is would save changes on the frontpage the icon will not […]
Theme Carousel only on the Mainpage (Rootdomain)
04.08.2017 14:49
In this task i want another change vor the Theme. Currently the carousel is displayed on the Mainpage and on the following sites in the pagination. If possible then i want display the carousel only on the Mainpage.     Thats how the archive sites (or the following sites in the pagination, think you know […]

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