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Dynamic Time Management Suite

News about last (fifth) generation of the time management tools that may help you organize your life easier.

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Dynamic Time Management Suite News RSS Feed Has Moved
12.09.2009 07:00
Dynamic Time Management Suite News RSS feed has moved to more modern WordPress Engine. Dynamic Time Management Suite News is now the section in my general blog. Please update your feed link ...
Ne plus d'idees oubliees
14.08.2006 14:57
On publie une nouvelle version de Your Voice Reminder 1.7.FR. Avec juste un seul clic sur l'horloge de Your Voice Reminder a la barre de tache de Windows vous pouvez ouvrir la fenetre "Tapez, enregist...
One Click Notes (click, type or record and then send or schedule)
07.08.2006 07:03
Version 1.7 of Your Voice Reminder has been released. Now you may click once on the taskbar clock and start taking the note or record the voice message. Then you may send the note to the default text ...
Priorities that you cannot assign
27.06.2006 13:42
Activities and Priorities (AAP) does not monitor the things, to which you can directly assign the priorities yourself. AAP monitors equally and vitally important things like work, health, relationshi...
Nouvelle version de Your Voice Reminder 1.6.1.FR
27.06.2006 13:41
On publie une nouvelle version de Your Voice Reminder 1.6.1.FR. La commutation du format 12 heures / 24 heures fonctionne maintenant dans toutes les fenêtres. Les utilisateurs enregistre peuvent util...
12 /24 America / Europe
20.06.2006 04:47
Version 1.6 of Your Voice Reminder has been released. Now the switch between 12 hour format (USA, Canada) and 24 hours format (Europe) works for all windows, including the nearest event pop-up, notes ...
Typical for Different
17.05.2006 06:05
The page about the typical wellness exercise program was published. The typical program to maintain your wellness is given together with the explanation how to adjust its exercises to you and how to b...
Be prepared for the points of no return.
16.05.2006 05:22
The page about the spiritual wellness exercise was published. The spiritual exercise is the studying the mankind experience that is relevant to us to make the right decision in the points of no return...
Social is for the security.
15.05.2006 06:02
The page about the social wellness exercises was published. It is shown that the social wellness exercises are mainly for the personal safety because, as the psychological experiments show, people wi...
We are not chairs. We are not designed for the sitting.
14.05.2006 04:57
The page about the physical wellness exercises was published. Statistics shows that the leading causes of disability and death in US are related to the fact that we sit too much. The types of the phys...
The occupation is the life drive.
13.05.2006 05:30
The page about the occupational wellness exercises was published. Occupation contributes to the wellness as the life drive if it produces the result that is appreciated and recognized by others. The t...
Intelligence is the intuition management.
12.05.2006 05:17
The page about the intellectual wellness exercise was published. We understand the intellectual exercise as getting a new solution from our unconscious when required. New solutions are important for t...
If we loose the joy we cannot enjoy.
11.05.2006 05:06
The page about the emotional wellness exercises has been published. It is shown that if we do not do the emotional exercises we loose the ability to experience the emotions. We also need the exercises...
To balance your life you need to cycle like riding the bicycle.
10.05.2006 04:50
The page about the Wellness Dimensions has been published. The six wellness dimensions suggested by Dr. Hettler are similar to Dr. Covey's First Things in the time management and Dr. Motorine's minima...
You cannot be half happy. You are either happy or not
09.05.2006 04:50
The page about the Wellness Wheel has been published. Wellness Wheel is a good metaphor for the wellness because if we remove any of the six wellness sectors from the wheel, it stops to be a wheel. It...
We cannot maintain the wellness without a coach or the coach soft.
08.05.2006 03:48
The page about the wellness balance monitoring has been published. It proves that it is impossible to keep up our wellness up without a life coach or the life coach software because people cannot keep...
Time Suite Has Been Sewed
01.05.2006 05:39
Version 1.5 of Your Voice Reminder has been released. Now it coordinates its startup with life goals and wellness time balancer Activities and Priorities 1.4. You may first find out the priorities o...
Activities and Priorities
25.04.2006 06:03
Life balance is the time balance. Version 1.4 of Activities and Priorities (AAP) has been released. (AAP) shows what is the most important now to keep you wellness up and your life balanced and succes...
Beautiful women voice to say the time in your computer.
10.04.2006 05:28
New beautiful women English voice Melene for the date / time announcements in your computer is available for download. After the downloading Melene you should import it into Your Voice Reminder softw...
When we can stop to work for the money it's time to work for the wellness.
12.02.2006 03:27
The introductory page about the wellness and its relation to time was added. It is explained why we eventually loose the wellness with time if do nothing to keep it up and how this fact is related wit...
01.02.2006 07:31
The short introductory page about the time and its usage was added to Dynamic Time Management Suite. It is explained what is the time in general, Universal Time (UTC), Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), whe...
Time Is He
04.10.2005 19:21
Four chapters about the time nature were added to the free downloadable version of Dynamic Time Management Guide. This guide is the first guide to the fifth time management generation. Until the fif...
Ever new.
24.06.2005 15:49
Version 1.2.6 of Your Voice Reminder has been released. Reminders and Alarms window now changes its color for new at any its appearance or any new alarm appearance. If you prefer to close the Reminder...
Toujours nouveau.
24.06.2005 15:44
On publie une nouvelle version de Your Voice Reminder 1.2.6.FR. La fenetre des alarmes et notes au demarrage change la couleur a chaque apparition. Les utilisateurs enregistre peuvent utiliser cette v...
Export, import and merge.
05.06.2005 14:49
Version 1.2.5 of Your Voice Reminder has been released. Now you may export your reminders and alarms, and import in another your computer. There are no duplicates because no identical items are import...
Effective time manager should skin with Windows.
29.04.2005 16:40
Few time managers pay due attention to the time that you spend on the time management. Your Voice Reminders is one of them. It’s even skins together with MS Windows to save your time on separate ski...
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