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Arca24.com was created by international recruiters to provide a reference point to the interactive world of professions. It is a new vision of online recruitment, a new open database to consultation, because only those involved in selection can understand the real needs of those looking for candidates. Arca24.com is a new solution for the search and selection of candidates. Created by international professionals, Arca24.com meets everyone's need. Its purpose not only to increase the recruitment but to recruit and select candidates according to the needs of the customer. Arca24.com greatly reduces the work of those who make selection step, filtering for the best candidates to formulate easily and quickly the most appropriate to the specific research. Arca24.com moves the cog of the web recruiting from paying more for recruitment, with no guarantees on the success, to pay only if I have the solution to my needs. In fact, post jobs or check in database suitable candidates is totally free and unlimited, as well as do a selection process, after identifying the best candidates the customer pays only for the contact details of the chosen candidates. For a new, simple and rapid solution, which reduces the work of those who make selection and above all much cheaper focused on: I pay for the solution, and only when I have the solution.

Betreiber-URL: http://www.arca24.com
RSS-Feed-URL: http://www.arca24.com/job/ch/rss.php?version=2
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