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Rauchen aufgeben und Nichtraucher werden

Die Initiative zur Raucherentwöhnung bietet unter rauchen-aufgeben.org Tipps und Hilfestellungen für Raucher, die mit dem Rauchen aufhören wollen: Von Literaturtipps über ein Factsheet bis hin zu Artikeln über Raucherkrankheiten gibt es hier viele Infos.

Betreiber-URL: http://www.rauchen-aufgeben.org
RSS-Feed-URL: http://www.rauchen-aufgeben.org/feed/
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PCORI Board of Directors approves $ 49.5 million to fund ne
02.12.2021 22:46
WASHINGTON, DC – The Board of Governors of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) today approved two lists of research grants totaling $ 49.5 million to support nine new compar...
To get pregnant smokers to quit, money talks
02.12.2021 22:00
Cash has been shown to be an effective incentive for French pregnant women to quit smoking during gestation, according to a randomized trial. Quit rates doubled in a group rewarded with money for conf...
31,000 illegal cigarettes found in stores in Liverpool at once
02.12.2021 13:36
Thousands of pounds of illegal cigarettes and tobacco have been seized in a council raid on shops in Liverpool. The Liverpool Council Alcohol and Tobacco Unit carried out the raids with the help of Pi...
Bathurst 1000, 2021 V8 Supercars, results, schedules, timesheets, latest updates, crash, video, how to watch
02.12.2021 04:34
Two huge crashes marred qualifying for the support classes ahead of this weekend’s Bathurst 1000. After the Supercars took to the track in the main class, the Power Series, Super2 took to the tr...
UK E-Cig Summit Highlights US Failure to Fight Tobacco Use – InsideSources
01.12.2021 02:21
A virtual summit in the UK next week aims to set the record straight: if you think smoking is bad, you’re right. But if you think attacking alternatives like e-cigarettes will make things better...
Smoldering cigarette likely to blame for massive apartment fire, investigators say
30.11.2021 18:00
SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio fire investigators focus on a smoldering cigarette as the cause of a fire that damaged or destroyed up to nine units in an apartment complex on the northwest side. The ...
Altria can’t sell Iqos in US because Biden won’t intervene in patent litigation
30.11.2021 13:55
Philip Morris International shows an iQOS electronic cigarette, which heats the tobacco sticks but does not burn them. Fabrice Coffrini | AFP | Getty Images Altria and Philip Morris Internat...
Is Fire Cider Keeping You From Getting Sick? – Cleveland Clinic
30.11.2021 13:00
Trying to ward off a cold? TikTok wellness gurus swear by Fire Cider (also known as Fire Tonic), a spicy concoction made from vegetables, herbs, and other spices. They say it has preventative properti...
Effects of COVID-19 lockdown, aspirin use and risk of HF
29.11.2021 16:20
November 29, 2021 1 min read ADD A SUBJECT TO E-MAIL ALERTS Receive an email when new articles are posted on Please provide your email address to receive an email when new articles are posted on . ...
Kentucky ranks first in lung cancer cases; Condition is poor in terms of survival and early diagnosis – Winchester Sun
29.11.2021 13:59
Lung Cancer Awareness Month falls in November, but in Kentucky, promoting the prevention and early detection of lung cancer is needed year-round, as the state leads the country in cases lung cancer an...
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