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Der Hintern! Eine kontroverse Diskussion. Eine nicht ganz wissenschaftliche Betrachtung. Fotografien von Hintern in Jeans als schöne Rückansichten. Photography since 1978 Hello, · I'm writing about the well ballanced back · I show you photos of wonderful butts · I'm looking for each new scientific work about physical attractivness I´m taking photos since 1978, non professional but regulary. I´m living near Koblenz am Rhein, Deutschland. The photographer is the person, who is documenting the seen and unseen pictures in the world. Everyone looks to anything, she/he likes or not, but the photographer shares the view to those, who're looking for the signs of time. For the photographer, the moment of the first photo shoot is a lot like getting to know someone. The photographer looks to the individuality and beauty of the people and this does not mean that it reduces him or her out. The image is finally usually the first impression that we can gain from our opponent. That is of course not that the photographer can be limited to it. When he photographed his model, together with him talking about the recordings they made always together, he elicits from his model another way of looking at themselves and learn to be a model of course at the shoot know more and appreciate. What the photographer is different than on a purely contemplative man is the fact of the image. It is located on the documentation of personality, beauty and pleasure. While the contemplative watching person takes the picture to his mind, the photographer tries to take the moment to eternity. Be welcome to my views of time... Vollständiges Profil anzeigen → MIES-VANDENBERGH-FOTOGRAFIE

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Deine Flucht. (Português abaixo 🌹)
17.05.2020 15:55
Dein unerwarteter Pfeil aus eiskaltem Eis – traf mein dir weit geöffnetes und zartfühlendes Herz, die zarte Blumenwiese, jede leise Blüte ein duftendes Wort der Zärtlichkeit der letzten Tage...
Zeigt die Sprache deiner Träume… (Português abaixo 🌹)
19.04.2020 10:33
… dir manchmal nur die Entfernung zwischen dir und deiner Seele an? Does the language of your dreams sometimes only show you the distance between you and your soul? A linguagem dos seus sonhos ...
Wenn du aus manchen deiner Träume… (Português abaixo 🌹)
12.04.2020 09:00
… erwachst, dann wünschst du dir manchmal lieber den Schlaf. Oder seinen Bruder. When you wake up from some of your dreams, sometimes you prefer the sleep. Or his brother. Quando você acorda d...
Deine Träume fließen in… (Português abaixo 🌹)
05.04.2020 09:00
… Dein Herz, bilden dort eine Basis, auf der die Blumen deiner Seele erblühen. Your dreams flow into your heart where they form a base on which the flowers of your soul blossom. Os seus sonhos ...
Leben deine Gefühle in deinen Träumen … (Português abaixo 🌹)
03.04.2020 15:42
… in deinem realen Leben nicht genau so wahrhaftig? Do your feelings in your dreams not live just as truthfully in your real life? Será que os seus sentimentos nos seus sonhos não vivem com a ...
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