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Sportwetten Blog der Fußballwitwe

Über Fußball, Spielstatistik, Buchmachermathematik, Strategien, Wettquotenkalkulation, Value und Sharp Betting, Buchmachermathematik, Herleitungen und Erläuterungen von Formeln zur Berechnung von Wettquoten.

Betreiber-URL: http://www.soccerwidow.com
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Over Under Betting in the Season of the Coronavirus
08.04.2021 10:12
This experiment in association with Bild.de online magazine was suspended on 5th May 2021. In... more »...
Over Under Betting Experiment July 2020 ~ Final Report & Further Findings
13.11.2020 14:03
From 1st July until 2nd August 2020, we carried out a How to Use Soccerwidow’s... more »...
Start of the 2020/21 Season: Matches Seem to Have More Goals
11.10.2020 15:32
There seems to be an unprecedented shift from the Over/Under 2.5 Goals ‘benchmark’ to an... more »...
Results of our 2020 Summer League HDAFU Tables’ Real Time Test
10.09.2020 11:41
From July 1st to August 26th we ran a Summer League HDAFU Tables Live Picks... more »...
2020 Summer League HDAFU Tables – Coronavirus Trial – ‘Live’ Picks
05.08.2020 06:02
This article will be updated at least once a day until the first halves of... more »...
Interim Report after 91 Picks & 26 Betting Rounds ~ HDAFU Tables
04.08.2020 14:11
2020 Summer League HDAFU Tables: Coronavirus Trial – ‘Live’ Picks Since the 1st July, we... more »...
Coronavirus Experiment: Over Under Betting after Interruption
03.08.2020 06:08
After the first wave of the coronavirus, most of the leagues have now resumed their... more »...
2021-22 Summer and Winter League HDAFU & Over/Under Cluster Tables Calendar
01.08.2020 16:09
Here is our calendar of leagues showing you exactly where the mid-season breaks are. Some... more »...
2019 Summer League HDAFU Tables – Campaign Report: £8k+ in 288 Days!
13.06.2020 15:09
The best test of any theory is always how it works in practice: Below is... more »...
Coronavirus: Its Effects on Football Matches & Results
28.02.2020 08:37
With the current outbreak of Coronavirus spreading throughout the world, many punters are very worried... more »...
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