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Power Platform | Business Value vs. Cost optimization
27.03.2023 13:55
When it comes to application development or modernization of legacy apps with low-code, specifically when driven by Citizen Developers, or as I like to call them – Business Technologists, often ...
Power Platform | Pipelines the code-first developers view
25.03.2023 14:45
Today, I´d like to finish my small series of a first review on Power Platform Pipelines. This time from the view of the last user role being missed – the code-first developers. Sometimes also r...
Power Platform | Manage „standalone“ license requests
21.03.2023 15:30
Today´s article is proudly sponsored by Power Platform Admins. Those managing license requests in their organizations and thoughtfully considered an easy onboarding process for their Makers during an...
Power Platform | Pipelines – the security model
20.03.2023 16:05
You may have already recognized me stepping into the Power Platform Pipelines topic from two different scopes. So I started with sharing some thoughts via an article that concentrates on the role of a...
Power Platform | The rise of the co-piloted Business Technologist
17.03.2023 14:51
A year back I was publishing a blog post around the rise of a new form of developers – Business Technologists. Those developing and creating new or modernizing applications with the help of low-...
Power Platform | Extend your Environment strategy by data policies
15.03.2023 14:49
I was recently talking and sharing experiences around the importance of having a scaleable environment strategy these days. This due to new features being added by the product team that may become par...
Power Platform | Makers & Environment Variables
13.03.2023 14:45
I recently provided two reviews of Power Platform Pipelines after becoming general available. A first one which was about the Makers experience and a second that covered the Admin experience. Today, I...
Power Platform | We need to talk about Environments (again)
11.03.2023 15:00
It actually has been a while I touched this topic on this blog site in a three parts series. Still though it has been present almost all time talking to customers, sharing best practices around Govern...
Power Platform | Pipelines – the Admin view
08.03.2023 14:45
After a first review of the end-user experience in my previous article, today I´d like to take a closer look at Power Platform Pipelines from the admin perspective. So let´s switch heads and drill i...
Power Platform | Pipelines
07.03.2023 14:55
Today I´d like to talk about my recent experience using Power Platform Pipelines. This time I will set the focus to the Maker or End-user experience. But first, what is Power Platform Pipelines? The ...
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