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Power Platform | EU AI Act enabler or mission impossible?
13.05.2024 15:00
I´ve recently starting following the news around the upcoming EU AI Act. Analysts and others expect the Act to be published in the Official Journal of the European Union soon, likely by the end of Ma...
Power Platform | Known Issues
24.04.2024 16:07
Have you heard about the „Low Code Approach“ podcast hosted by the trio Sean Fiene, Ken Auguillard, and Wendy Haddad? I recently listened to their latest episode featuring Mansi Malik, who...
Power Platform | ColorCloud or what´s your AI ambition?
22.04.2024 16:01
Last Thursday and Friday, I had the honor of attending the inaugural edition of ColorCloud Hamburg, a conference dedicated to Microsoft Business Applications, held on April 18 and 19 in Hamburg, Germa...
Power Platform | UPD: Copilot Governance
26.03.2024 16:13
As the imminent Release Wave 1, 2024 approaches rollout to customer regions in the EU, it’s time to provide an update on Power Platform Copilot Governance options. I have previously discussed co...
Power Platform | #CommunityRocks
21.03.2024 15:42
This week, I engaged in community activities, such as attending Microsoft’s AI Tour in Berlin and conducting a Power Hour at Power Platform 24, where I discussed the risk assessment of Copilots....
Power Platform | Copilot Studio, Azure AI Studio or both?
13.03.2024 16:14
In today’s episode, I want to address a recurring myth: the division of developers into ‚low-code‘ and ‚pro-code‘ categories. When will we stop pigeonholing people based ...
Power Platform | Boost developer productivity
05.03.2024 16:48
Low-code platforms like Power Platform are a revolutionary approach to software development that reduce the need for extensive coding knowledge and enable users to build applications using drag-and-dr...
Power Platform | Securing copilot development
23.02.2024 16:06
In my previous article, I proposed the idea of creating a copilot developer experience that allows developers to work together on designing and building copilots, specifically when using generative AI...
Power Platform | Bot Authoring role
21.02.2024 16:22
The other day, I received a request about „What happened to the Bot Author role?“. Do you recall that role from the old Power Virtual Agent days? If not, here’s a brief explanation. ...
Power Platform | Copilot Risk Assessment Pt. 8
16.02.2024 16:16
This is the final part of our mini-series on Copilots in Power Platform for creators. Before we get into it, I want to show you another visual that I use in customer briefings. This one is talking abo...
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