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Power Platform | Microsoft Teams & Approvals
05.03.2021 15:30
With all the news around Microsoft Teams during Microsoft Ignite and before, you might came across the following challenge. When uploading a file to a specific Teams channel you tried to select a Powe...
Power Platform | Power Automate or Logic Apps or both?
01.03.2021 17:35
If you obsess over whether you are making the right decision, you are basically assuming that the universe will reward you for one thing and punish you for another. – Deepak Chopra Sometimes, ma...
Power Platform | The environment jeopardy bonus round!
18.02.2021 15:09
You might have recognized my three part episode on environment strategy for Power Platform and walked through Part I and Part II already. If not, this is your last chance before the bonus round, you d...
Power Platform | The environment jeopardy winner!
18.02.2021 14:47
In our last episode, I was bringing up the environment strategy again as I was asked around how many of them is to much and what would be the optimum? So let’s start by digging into the various ...
Power Platform | The environment jeopardy!
18.02.2021 14:03
What seems a provocative title for today’s article actually started with a simple question the other day in a design thinking workshop: How many environments are enough or bare minimum or what s...
Power Platform | Rise of the (evil) community developer
05.02.2021 15:30
It was broad to my attention an interesting article regarding today´s topic the other day by Serge Luca (aka #doctorFlow) and obviously a headline like „lots of solutions or lots of problems...
Power Platform | SAP + Teams in action
29.01.2021 15:30
A couple of weeks ago, I was publishing an article around Power Platform | Team-up with SAP ecosystem. I did use a simplified visual that outlined how nicely parts can be glued together. Well, th...
Power Platform | When to step outside Microsoft Teams (M365) offer?
28.01.2021 15:00
When running Design-Thinking workshops with customers, one of the benefits is that ideas and actions are discussed truly without thinking of any boundary of licensing or software technology being used...
Power Platform | Transformation journey with 2021 wave 1 capabilities
27.01.2021 15:30
And here´s another lift-off – you can now read across the plans around wave 1 for Power Platform and familiarize yourself with all the steps of improvements you would recognize upcoming over th...
Power Platform | Licensing Tetris Part 2
25.01.2021 15:30
A couple of days ago, I came up with what I would now call part one of licensing tetris. I received a couple of questions around this „simplification“ and there´s also a couple of misunde...
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